Casa Padrino

Casa Padrino Baroque Dining Table White 100 cm x 100 cm- Dining Table - Antique Style Furniture

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Handmade Baroque dining table by Casa Padrino
     Length: approx. 100 cm
     Width: approx. 100 cm
     Height: approx. 79 cm
     Color white
     Material: solid wood


This item is an authentically handcrafted antique style replica. Color deviations, small cracks, flaking, antique traces, crooked rivets, bumps and other antique style features are part of the article and make each piece of furniture unique.

You buy a product of the brand Casa Padrino.
Casa Padrino is a European producer and distributor of baroque furniture and furniture
A registered trademark of the German Patent and Trademark Office.

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