Handmade solid bench made of fine beige marble in baroque style

Design a luxurious baroque garden with Casa Padrino - selection of garden furniture


Imagine your garden transformed into a magnificent Baroque paradise - an oasis of peace, elegance and luxury that will amaze every visitor and give you contemplative hours in exquisite surroundings. Precisely laid out flowerbeds with symmetrical patterns and elegant paths that lead through lush greenery and artistic plantings form the basis of a Baroque garden. The Baroque style , which reached its peak in the 17th and 18th centuries, stands for splendor and wealth of detail . Let this page inspire you on how you can use the exclusive garden furniture from Casa Padrino to transform your outdoor area into an impressive Baroque garden that impresses not only with its beauty, but also with its timeless sophistication. With our carefully selected furniture, you can perfectly stage your garden and leave a lasting impression on your guests.


The art of garden design with Casa Padrino


In today's world, where the garden is considered an extension of the living space , the design of this precious outdoor space is becoming increasingly important. Casa Padrino, renowned dealer of exclusive garden furniture , offers you the opportunity to transform your garden into a true masterpiece of elegance and sophistication.

With an exquisite selection of garden furniture that meets the highest standards of quality and design, Casa Padrino takes the art of garden design to a new level. Our collections include magnificent seating groups , artfully designed tables and luxurious loungers that impress with their opulent materials and masterful craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully selected and blends harmoniously into the aesthetics of a classic baroque garden, which is characterized by symmetry, splendor and richness of detail.

Garden seating group made of fine marble concrete granulate consisting of two benches and two stools as well as a round table in baroque style in grey white

garden furniture

Start by choosing high-quality garden furniture that combines comfort and style at the highest level. Our collections offer a variety of seating groups, tables and loungers that impress with their opulent designs and luxurious materials. Fine teak, robust wrought iron and magnificent marble blend harmoniously into the aesthetics of a baroque garden and offer the highest level of seating comfort. These materials reflect the historical splendor that can be found in the most famous baroque gardens in Europe.

Imagine welcoming your guests in an elegant seating area made of the finest marble . The soft coolness of the marble under your hands, the masterfully crafted table legs that look like antique columns - all this gives your garden an aura of splendor and grandeur that was once only found in the gardens of French kings. Our tables are often decorated with artistic inlay work that delights the eye and exudes a touch of luxury and exclusivity. These handcrafted marble tables and benches can be customized to your requirements to realize your personal ideas of elegance and splendor .

Garden seating group made of fine marble concrete granulate consisting of four chairs and a table in baroque style

Our seating is not only visually appealing, but also offers the highest level of comfort. Whether cast iron or fine wrought iron, the artistic decorations and the high-quality material bring the elegance and splendor of the Baroque style to life. Lean back and enjoy the charm of times gone by with a cozy cup of coffee or tea. Our seat cushions , covered in the finest fabrics, feel soft and luxurious and ensure that you and your guests can relax in complete comfort.

Garden chair set consisting of six rattan chairs in beige                                                                                                                                                                            Garden chair set consisting of six rattan chairs in white

By strategically arranging your seating areas around a central point such as a fountain , a sculpture or on a beautiful outdoor terrace , you not only create comfortable areas for social gatherings, but also impressive focal points that make your garden appear even more magnificent. These design elements reflect the historical practice in which Baroque gardens were designed to delight the senses as well as serve social and representative purposes.

Magnificent garden fountain in baroque style with a round border with five levels


An absolute highlight in the area of ​​garden furniture are our solid antique baroque marble benches, which give your garden a royal touch. The detailed decorations are not only visually appealing, but also feel extremely noble due to the smooth marble surface. Such benches are reminiscent of the magnificent grounds of the Habsburg monarchy, which were known for their impressive gardens.


Handmade solid bench made of fine beige marble in baroque style


When designing a luxurious baroque garden, you don't have to rely exclusively on the massive elements of the baroque style. Stylish Art Nouveau garden furniture can be perfectly integrated into a baroque garden to create a harmonious and elegant atmosphere. Our furniture collection offers a variety of styles that allow you to make the perfect choice for your baroque garden. Whether you prefer the classic, massive design with curved lines and ornaments or are looking for a modern interpretation that combines simple elegance with baroque opulence - at Casa Padrino you are guaranteed to find the right furniture.


Garden set consisting of eight white Art Nouveau wrought iron chairs and a high-quality colorfully decorated lava stone table



With the exclusive garden furniture from Casa Padrino you can transform your garden into a magnificent baroque oasis. Be inspired by our luxurious furniture and integrate suitable styles such as Art Nouveau into your garden design . Create a garden that not only delights your senses, but also meets the highest standards, and enjoy the perfect symbiosis of baroque opulence and stylish elegance.

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