Luxurious fountains and water features for your baroque garden

You see a very large fountain with a white border on two floors.


Casa Padrino invites you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of baroque gardens and give your outdoor area an incomparable touch of luxury and elegance with our exquisite fountains and water features. Our exquisite collection has been carefully put together to transport the magnificent aesthetics of the baroque era into the present, while meeting the highest standards of quality and durability.


The history of fountains in baroque gardens

The 17th and 18th centuries, known as the Baroque era, were an era of opulent excess and artistic sophistication. Baroque gardens, such as those at Versailles or Schönbrunn, were designed as symbols of the wealth and power of their owners. These gardens were not only places of recreation, but also stages for dramatic productions and lavish celebrations.

Fountains and water features played a central role in the design of these gardens. They were not only aesthetic elements, but also expressions of technical mastery and artistic creativity. The water features of the Baroque era were often complex systems of pipes and pumps that sprayed water in elaborate patterns. These impressive water structures were intended to demonstrate man's power over nature and amaze visitors.

The fountains in the Baroque gardens were often decorated with mythological figures and scenes. These depictions told stories from Greek and Roman mythology and served as symbols of virtues and moral lessons. A well-known example is the Latona Fountain in Versailles, which depicts the legend of Latona and her children Apollo and Diana. Such fountains were not only decorative elements, but also an expression of the cultural education and artistic taste of their builders.

You see a round fountain with side fountains and in the middle a figure holding a vase.You see a small terrace fountain with two levels in a magnificent design and frogs as gargoyles.You see a wall fountain from the Baroque period with a head as a water outlet.


Exquisite fountains for your baroque garden

Our collection includes a variety of fountains that will add a regal touch to any baroque garden. From classic marble sculptures to bronze masterpieces, we offer a wide selection of designs that combine both traditional and modern elements. Imagine the gentle trickle of an elegant fountain in your garden creating a calming atmosphere while making a stunning visual statement.

A magnificent, multi-tiered fountain can grace the centre of your garden, while a delicate water feature in a secluded corner is the perfect addition to an intimate retreat. Each of our pieces is designed to enrich the overall aesthetic of your garden and add a touch of baroque opulence.

Round fountain with one level and a large female figure from which the water trickles out.You see a very elegant fountain with four water outlets in the border and a reclining female sculpture from whose feet a water fountain rises. Fountain color white.


Tailor-made water features for individual requirements

At Casa Padrino we place great value on individuality. Every customer has unique ideas and demands that we fulfill with our tailor-made solutions. Our water features can be designed and customized according to your specific wishes to fit perfectly into your garden landscape. From the selection of materials to the design of the details, we work closely with you to ensure that each water feature exceeds your expectations.

Our tailor-made solutions offer the opportunity to incorporate special wishes and requirements into the design, so that each water feature becomes a unique and unmistakable piece. Our goal is to make your visions come true and give your garden a personal and distinctive touch.

You see a majestic fountain with three levels and a round, decorated border. At the foot of the fountain there are four Pegasus figures. The color is white.You will see a large, luxurious and illuminated round fountain.


Perfect combination of tradition and modernity

The Baroque era stands for opulent shapes, detailed decorations and luxurious materials. Our mission is to transport this aesthetic into the present day without losing the historical charm. Our fountains and water features are not only stylish eye-catchers, but also characterized by the highest quality and durability.

By using the latest techniques and materials, we ensure that our products meet the demands of modern times while preserving the splendor of bygone eras. Our marble sculptures are characterized by their fine texture and elegant patina, which develop a natural beauty over time. Bronze sculptures, on the other hand, offer impressive resistance to the elements and a timeless appeal that reveals its splendor in both summer and winter.

Casa Padrino combines historical craftsmanship with modern design to create unique works of art that bring the tradition of the Baroque into the present and give your garden an incomparable elegance.

You see a beautiful water feature in the form of a round fountain, in the middle there is a ball on which an angel sits. Color: white, gray.Beige wall fountain with a reclining woman leaning on a vase from which water flows into the fountain.

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