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You see a very large headless female angel statue made of fine marble and a large base.You see a life-size white marble figure of a woman serving as a pillar, standing on a pedestal and holding another pedestal above her head, which can serve as a shelf for a flower vase.You see an XXL Jugend and Baroque style angel figure in female form, the figure is sticking out its chest and looking up to the sky with closed eyes. The color is white.

Welcome to a world full of magnificent elegance and timeless beauty. Casa Padrino presents you with an exquisite collection of luxurious sculptures, statues and figures that will transform your baroque garden into a true masterpiece of garden art. Each of our works of art is a testament to outstanding craftsmanship and reflects the opulent aesthetics of the Baroque era. 

The 17th and 18th centuries were marked by the Baroque period, an era known for its opulent splendor and detailed art. Baroque gardens, such as those at Versailles or Schönbrunn, were created to demonstrate the wealth and power of their owners. These gardens were not only places of relaxation, but also stages for dramatic productions and lavish celebrations. The magnificent avenues and winding paths of these gardens hosted court ceremonies and lavish parties that attracted guests from all over the world. The landscape architects of that time, such as André Le Nôtre, created impressive garden works of art through careful planning and design that are still admired today.

Sculptures and statues played a central role in telling mythological and historical stories and transforming the garden into a living art gallery. These elaborate figures were often strategically placed to create dramatic focal points and guide visitors through the gardens. The scenes depicted ranged from ancient gods and heroes to allegorical representations of virtues and the seasons, giving the gardens a deeper symbolic meaning.


Masterful craftsmanship and historical elegance


You see two eagle figures, each standing on a pillar. The sculptures are located in a well-kept garden.You see a gigantic angel statue with arms wide open. At its feet a woman is kneeling with a newborn baby. The figure is made of precious marble and is white in color. Very magnificent.You see an antique marble figure in XXL format.You see a royal lion statue standing on a pedestal in a garden.


Casa Padrino continues this rich tradition and offers you sculptures that bring the charm and splendor of past eras into the present. Our collection includes a variety of exquisite sculptures and statues that impress with their opulent designs and luxurious materials. Each figure is crafted with the utmost care from noble materials such as marble, bronze and fine stone to create a majestic presence in your garden.

Our marble sculptures, hand-crafted by experienced sculptors, blend harmoniously into the natural environment and at the same time exude an aura of grace and durability. The bronze figures, made using complex casting processes, impress with their attention to detail and robustness, which make them timeless works of art.

Whether it's a graceful Venus, a powerful Apollo or a mythological scene, our sculptures tell stories and add an extra dimension to your garden. A Venus sculpture can embody the elegance and beauty of ancient goddesses, while an Apollo exudes power and majesty with its dynamic pose. Mythological scenes showing heroes and gods in action create dramatic and captivating focal points that will never cease to amaze your guests.

Each sculpture at Casa Padrino is not just a decorative element, but an expression of history and art that will give your baroque garden a unique and authentic atmosphere. By combining traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques, we guarantee that our works of art are not only visually impressive, but also durable and resistant. Give your garden an incomparable touch of elegance and splendor with the luxurious sculptures, statues and figurines from Casa Padrino.


Individual design according to your wishes

You see an XXL life-size giraffe sculpture in gold and black. The sculpture stands in a park.You see a sculpture of a Venezuelan mask. Very modern in white with colorful gradients on a black base.

You see a very luxurious crocodile sculpture in the colors gold and black.


At Casa Padrino we attach great importance to individuality. Every customer has unique ideas and demands, which we fulfill with our tailor-made solutions. Our philosophy is based on the fact that every sculpture is not only a work of art, but also a personal statement that reflects your style and taste. That is why we offer you the opportunity to choose from a variety of designs and put together your personal favorites.

Our bespoke solutions offer the opportunity to incorporate special wishes and requirements into the design, making each sculpture a distinctive one-of-a-kind. Whether it is an exact replica of a historical figure, the creation of your own mythological scene or the adaptation of existing designs to your specific needs, our team of experienced artists and craftsmen will work closely with you to make your visions a reality. We take into account not only aesthetic aspects, but also functional requirements such as size, material and placement to ensure that each sculpture is perfectly integrated into your garden landscape.


A tribute to baroque luxury

The Baroque era stands for opulent shapes, detailed decorations and luxurious materials. Our mission is to transport this aesthetic into the present day without losing the historical charm. Our sculptures and statues are not only stylish eye-catchers, but also characterized by the highest quality and durability.

By using the latest techniques and materials, we ensure that our products meet the demands of modern times while preserving the splendor of bygone eras. Our marble sculptures are characterized by their fine texture and elegant patina, which develop a natural beauty over time. Bronze sculptures, on the other hand, offer impressive resistance to the elements and a timeless appeal that reveals its splendor in both summer and winter.

In addition, we rely on innovative manufacturing techniques that combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology. This enables us to realize even the most complicated details with the utmost precision and perfection. Our partner workshops are equipped with advanced tools and equipment that enable our artists to realize their creative visions with the utmost care and precision.

Casa Padrino sees itself as a guardian of the Baroque tradition by preserving the rich artistic heritage of this era while enriching it with contemporary interpretations. Our sculptures and statues are a tribute to the exuberant creativity and inexhaustible inventiveness of the Baroque. They blend harmoniously into modern garden landscapes and create an atmosphere of elegance and timeless beauty that captivates every viewer. With Casa Padrino you bring the luxury and opulence of the Baroque era into your home and give your garden a unique and fascinating aura.


You see a hand-made stainless steel figure in the shape of a female archer who is drawing a bow. The base on which the figure stands is in an ornate floral style. In the background you can see a body of water.You see a hand-made stainless steel figure in the shape of Pegasus, standing on a ball and flying. The base on which the figure stands is in an ornate, elegant stainless steel style. In the background you can see a body of water.You see a giant stainless steel cube in a garden.

You see an antique bronze figure of a woman in Art Nouveau style sitting on a park bench with an open book next to her. The colors are bronze, gold, partina and black.


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