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Console tables from Casa Padrino not only spread a nostalgic charm, but are currently an absolute must have for any modern living area. Simply everyone wants to have a small, cute and charming console table. Console tables adorned castles, palaces and noble houses in the late middle ages. Nowadays, console tables have quite rightly conquered a place in many households. Because for the narrow and sometimes beautifully decorated tables, which are usually placed directly on the wall, everyone should just keep a space in his apartment. First, it is the decorative appearance, which make up the delicate furniture. Nevertheless, console tables can also be of practical use. The narrow console tables have a long tradition and are among the typical reception furniture. Become known console tables from the baroque age. In this era, it was above all tables with artfully turned and curved table legs that were gallantly combined with a heavy mirror. With their elaborate ornaments and furniture handles made of gold, they became an eye-catcher in every reception area. Today these furniture is celebrating a renaissance and we at Casa Padrino are very happy to be able to offer you a variety of console tables with our collection. In addition to the large range of immediately available consoles, we at Casa Padrino also offer you the opportunity to have custom made to order. For further information about the complete offer just call us on + 49-201-36577485 and our qualified support will help you in every detail! Guaranteed! Casa Padrino, your baroque wholesale on the internet and on site.