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A wood burning stove in the living area is a much sought after and aesthetic object that almost everyone would like to have. A stove symbolizes coziness and makes a warm pleasant atmosphere. Not only do they look different, their functions and uses are also very broad. With the stove in the living room you can keep your home warm, heat the water, generate heat for the entire house or just enjoy the blazing fire. High-quality design is characterized not only by a beautiful shape, but also by best workmanship down to the last detail. And of course by a high level of functionality that makes operation easy. Rest assured, our range of different forms and materials used in wood-burning stoves will make fireworks a pleasure for all tastes and needs. Casa Padrino offers bioethanol and electric fireplaces to choose from. If we have aroused your interest in our beautiful fireplaces, then please call us on the hotline + 49-201-36577485 and our qualified support will help you in every detail! Guaranteed! Casa Padrino, your baroque wholesale on the internet and on site.

Casa Padrino offers a large selection of luxury fireplaces, both as an electric fireplace and as a bioethanol fireplace version, as well as a wide range of fireplace accessories.

Electric fireplace luxury by Casa Padrino black baroque fireplace antique style