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Sofa Sets

Luxury baroque sofa in Italian design by Casa Padrino - handmade baroque furniture
Sofa set luxury furniture by Casa Padrino - magnificent luxury hotel furniture
Luxury baroque sofa set by Casa Padrino - handmade luxury living room furniture from Italy
Italian baroque furniture - luxury living room sofa set by Casa Padrino - magnificent sofa in blue gold
Luxus Sofa Set Creme Gold von Casa Padrino - Made in Italy
Italian luxury sofa set by Casa Padrino - high quality luxury baroque sofas
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Casa Padrino Baroque sofas and couch sets are true Eycatcher for a sumptuous living environment and enchant your living area in a sumptuous palace oasis. Sit on a Casa Padrino sofa in the style of Louis XIV from France.
Baroque Living Room Sets are available in a wide variety of models and colors, such as Gold, Silver, White, Black, Cream, Bordeaux, Brown Khaki, Cream, Blue and many other colors.
We are happy to make also living room sets or other Baroque pieces of furniture according to your wishes.