Size 38 x 32 cm

Casa Padrino carries in its range of paintings in a magnificent size. Imagine sitting like the Prussian King Frederick II once in his beautiful gallery hall at Sanssouci Palace and seeing the numerous and beautiful paintings. Get a little aristocracy into your home and live like a true king in his castle.

It was only with the gradual spread of oil painting in the 15th and 16th centuries that aristocrats and artists of that era developed the notion that a painting was a work of art in the truest sense of the word, made with painterly techniques. By definition, a painting is separated from a drawing in that the colors are mixed before being applied to the image carrier. In linguistic usage, the terms painting and drawing are still mixed, as is often said, for example, that children "paint" when they actually draw. Historical paintings of famous painters, as well as magical and hyper-realistic motifs beautify many living spaces such as the hallway, the living room, bedrooms and even the nursery. A cozy atmosphere brings still life with bowls, fruits and chests in your house. The installation of indoor plants enhances the cozy atmosphere.

Casa Padrino offers a wide range of hand-painted oil paintings. The sumptuous paintings in baroque style will make your home, your home or even your business premises shine in a magnificent atmosphere. All paintings are completely hand painted with oil paint, the frames are finished with gold leaf!