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Chesterfield Armchairs

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Casa Padrino, your baroque wholesaler from the beautiful city of Essen (Germany), offers you an impressive and exclusive eye-catcher with its unique and impressive Chesterfield armchair collection. Whether you are setting up these fine English and very modern pieces of furniture in your business premises or at home, you will always be able to enjoy a magnificent appearance with these unique pieces of furniture and inspire your guests.

Enchant your premises in a stately oasis of modern home decor with English flair!

Our Chesterfield furniture can be easily combined with other pieces of furniture to suit every style of furniture. All Chesterfield armchairs are made of very high quality materials. That's why we guarantee that you will enjoy these Chesterfield armchairs for a long time.

All Chesterfield armchairs are fantastically beautiful, pompous and very stylish at the same time. The origin of this furniture period probably goes back to the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philipp Stanhope. He commissioned a local furniture manufacturer to design noble and exquisite seating for Gentleman. The result was the still popular Chesterfield couch with noble button stitching on the backrests. The result can be seen even more than centuries later, because the elegant shapes and solid diamond pattern are characteristic of this sofa and model for many other Chesterfield pieces of furniture.

Meanwhile, Chesterfield sofas are no longer just at home in British gentlemen's clubs or at the court, but decorate more and more domestic living room. No wonder, because Chesterfield sofas have a diverse side, so everyone will find a matching Chesterfield style sofa. Casa Padrino offers you the noble classic in various variations such as as office chair, armchair, three-seater, chaise longue and living area.

Idealism and passion are very important at Casa Padrino. If you have questions or special requests regarding our offers, please call us on the hotline + 49-201-36577485 and our qualified support will help you in every detail! Guaranteed! Casa Padrino, your baroque wholesale on the internet and on site.