Baroque Coffee Tables

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Casa Padrino coffee tables - living room tables


Casa Padrino offers you numerous coffee tables in a huge collection. A complete living room set-up also includes a small companion that makes it a full-fledged living room – the coffee table. Even if it initially gives the impression of playing a secondary role among the living room furniture, when it is absent, there are always faces looking around and asking questions - often in connection with the question of where the glass or the plate can be put down. If you make yourself comfortable on the couch with a few snacks or a good glass of wine, you will be happy to have a shelf within easy reach. But even if a cozy movie night is on the agenda, the remote control, TV magazine and snacks want to be conveniently parked somewhere.


First, of course, there is the question of how big your sofa or your living area is, in order to be able to determine the right size and shape of the coffee table. After all, it shouldn't be just anyone! A small table fits perfectly with a smaller single sofa, while a spacious living area with a correspondingly large coffee table makes a wonderful duo. A distinctive feature of coffee tables is their height. In general, these tables are lower than, for example, ordinary dining tables. On the one hand, because tables that are higher than the couch itself look old-fashioned and do not do justice to a modern living concept. The lower the table, the more modern it looks and gives the room a log-like character. On the other hand, so that you have a clear view of your television or fireplace. And yet you always have an area in front of you on which you can place anything. The coffee table is always an unobtrusive and yet welcome piece of furniture that should not be missing in any living room. That's why it should also be recognized as an important part of the interior - with a variety of colours, shapes and materials, it can become a real eye-catcher.


Baroque coffee table gold by Casa Padrino - Baroque furniture