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Lecterns / Sheet Music Stands

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The lecterns of Casa Padrino are used at big events of politics and economy. They are also in the conference rooms, meeting and event halls of banks, universities and government agencies. All lecterns can be optically adapted to your taste, of course. The surfaces and shapes of the front panel, the script shelf and the storage surfaces can be individually designed. Logos can be painted or glued on the front panel. Additional storage areas can be integrated. How about with a drawer for a computer keyboard? Numerous examples give you an idea of what's possible. Idealism and passion are very important at Casa Padrino. If you have questions or special requests regarding our offers, please call us on the hotline + 49-201-36577485 and our qualified support will help you in every detail! Casa Padrino, your baroque wholesaler on the internet and on site. Just magical.