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Versace 2 Pompei

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Discover a selection of our sophisticated designer wallpaper collections from Versace 2 Pompei. Detailed drawn, ornate and ornate acanthus leaves in different sizes unfold a lush splendor on the walls. With sculptural effects and magnificent gold and mother-of-pearl shades, they immerse themselves in the myth of ancient Rome, reviving the magic of the sumptuous villas of ancient Pompeii and creating a fascinating, elegant overall picture. Be inspired by the great variety of high quality and modern designer wallpapers and find exactly the wallpaper that suits you! We at Casa Padrino also offer you an uncomplicated and Europe-wide delivery at reasonable and fair prices. Idealism and passion are very important at Casa Padrino. If you have questions or special requests regarding our offers, please call us on the hotline + 49-201-36577485 and our qualified support will help you in every detail! Guaranteed!